Rules & Venue

Norfolk Angling Festival 2017 – General Rules & Venue


To ensure a fair and enjoyable competition between all anglers the following set of rules must be adhered to.

The Organizers are Norfolk Angling Club the committee’s decisions will be final in all rulings.

All baits including additives can be used except feathers and lures..( Please note CART BAIT cannot be used in East Anglia).
Competitors are allowed to fish with 1 rod and a maximum of 3 hooks, a second rod may be setup and ready to use with rig attached should it be needed. One treble counts as three single hooks.
All competitors must cast their own rod. No casting aids are allowed to be used in the festival.

No competitor is allowed to fish in the 24 hours prior to the start of the festival.

No fishing is allowed from the creeks only on the shore front and into the sea.

Assistance may be given to other competitors to assist in landing a fish, but they must not handle the rod, Gaffs are strictly prohibited.

The minimum distance between two anglers fishing on the beach must be  20 yards. This is for safety reason and MUST be adhered to any angler found not adhering to this rule will be disqualified.

No competitor is allowed to reserve space within the boundaries with unattended tackle ie rod stands or shelters.All equipment on the shore must be attended at all times.

All competitors are required to act as stewards Match cards must be completed by the angler and witnessed and signed by an adjacent angler at the end of each day before handing in to organizer with your fish bag.

All competitors must have entry ticket before commencing fishing and must produce them if requested by official stewards who will be patrolling all the beaches

All competitors must weigh in their own catch.
Size limits MUST be adhered to Fish must be measured down to the nearest center meter, no stretching or bending of the ruler is allowed, flatfish can and should be measured with the mouth open, all fish will be checked at the weigh in and any found to be undersize will be discounted.

Tope, Blennies, Dragonets, Mackerel, Rockling, Scorpion Fish, Rays Bream and Weaver Fish or any Shellfish are not allowed.

Species List & Size Limits (cm)
Coalfish 30cm
Whiting – 27
Cod – 35
Dab – 23
Flounder – 25
Sole 25
Dogfish – 38
Smooth Hound – 51
Bull Huss – 58
Plaice 28
Garfish 38
Skate / rays 41 across wings
Unclassified 18
Pouting 18

Only event competitors are allowed to transport and record fish , no third party’s.
NO Rubbish to be left on the beach, no papers or rubbish to be thrown into the sea, we are all ambassadors for our sport so please act responsibly if you find rubbish where you are fishing please remove it.

Please make sure your match cards are readable and not damaged.
If any instances arise that are not covered in the above guidelines, SAMF rules will be used as a guideline and the organisers decision will be final.
Failure to adhere to any of the rules will mean automatic disqualification and all entry monies forfeited

Legal action may be taken against any competitor in breach of the rules and in the event of a possible fraud being perpetrated NAC committee reserve the right to ask the police to investigate.

The Organisers shall not be held responsible for any loss, accident or damage, incurred by any person in connection with the Festival.

Should bad weather prevent fishing in the interests of safety, the organizers reserve the right to change the boundaries to a back up venue.

    The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.

Any objections must be submitted to the organizers within 30 minutes of the results being posted A fee of £10 must accompany the objection and is returnable if the objection is upheld

Please note anglers are allowed to fish one out of the two days if they so wish, but they will then only be eligible to win the single day, not the overall event.